Writing camps for young adults

Explore the wonders of Catalina Island with qualified instructors of marine science.

Take a desert island, add a dash of sailing wind, a whole bunch of ocean, and a host of trained marine biologists, scuba diving instructors, and fun loving Read more [...] ...

July 30–August 5, 2017, Chamber Music Intensive 2017, Allison Lacasse, Artistic Director.

Statistically, we found four factors that were the most predictive in determining which teenagers stayed in church: Dropout doesn't have to be a key word. When teenagers see an active, practiced faith in their parents and other positive examples at church, they will stop being dropouts and start being disciples. If, however, they see biblical teaching as relevant and see the church as essential to their decisions, they stay. I was raised by a single mom who loved the Lord and I'm so thankful for those who do, but parents (together) make a significant statistical impact. Recognize that it takes a church to raise a committed young adult—involve other adults in the discipleship process.

This is where student pastors, volunteers, and other adults being invested in the lives of teenagers can be so important. John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, a ministry that has trained millions of Christians around the world to share Christ, discusses the state of evangelism, research on evangelism trends, as well as myths and methods of evangelism.

Ontario is home to many camps for kids, in a variety of styles and types from educational to sports-focused to arts camps.

Find Ontario summer camps here, including kids' camps for day and overnight campers.

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