Who has chace crawford dating

I used to see Peter Bergman in the west village in the mid/late 70s before he hit it big on AMC.Used to sport the pornstache so popular among gay guys in the 70s.It was obvious Lloyd liked them practically pre-pubescent.

Again through a friend of someone who worked on the show, the "Popular" set was apparently a hotbed of lesbian drama.I always thought they tend to be shorter because so many start acting as children or as teens.The shorter stature meant someone who is more mature could play a role much younger than their actual age.Also sex IS a commodity in Hollywood where you fuck around not just for roles, but for connections, power, inside info, access, better tickets, better contract negotiations, better seats (closer to people who matter), etc.[qupte]I always thought the reason so many actors were short is because they could not make any of the sports teams in high school.You bring up an interesting curiosity about Hollywood's leading men.

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