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99708007646113792,257241710,"2011-08-06 ","en","People call another Guy fat. No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight​. didnt i tell you he gets bullied, i know why he tries to boup on you.","y","report","other","n","reporter","none"99714505646415872,105647239,"2011-08-06 ","en","Had a blast in the glass at the movies with my two bros @USER and @USER even though I was bullied the whole time #punks","y","self-disclosure","other","n","victim","none"99716823255228416,175219831,"2011-08-06 ","en","I might be a little snarky sometimes but I am a GOOD fucking person and whoever is doing that stuff is a bullying asshole.","y","report","other","n","reporter","anger"99717285824049152,32627724,"2011-08-06 ","en","I'm honestly sick of all these people who start Twitter accounts just to bully random people.Retweet if you against bullying","y","self-disclosure","verbal","n","defender","none"99708173212057600,233762237,"2011-08-06 ","es","El inicio a clases está por llegar. Be smart","y","report","other","n","reporter","none"99709975986847744,117047834,"2011-08-06 ","en","I remember I use to BULLY some lame ass back in 5th grade named uh.... Its really stupid.","y","report","cyberbullying","n","reporter","none"99717302378967040,278242093,"2011-08-06 ","en","@USER @USER both of you stop twitter-bullying little teenage kids #itsnotfunnyanymore","y","self-disclosure","cyberbullying","n","defender","none"99718473428643840,42011653,"2011-08-06 ","in","memperhatikan tagar #sawityowit ...bukan masalah humornya bung, gw penikmat sawityowit jg kok, tapi stop cyber bullying terhadap seseorang aja.. ”<----- FUCK AS BULLY MAN FUCK THIS SHIT I ONLY CAME CUZ THESE NIGGAS WAS CRYING AND SHIT LOL SMH","y","report","other","n","reporter","none"99724070026870784,322813645,"2011-08-06 ","en","@USER It's his way of getting revenge. I take my job as his designated older ""sibling"" very seriously.","y","self-disclosure","other","n","bully","none"99732233572720640,257329451,"2011-08-06 ","en","I dnt get cyber bullying.;)","n","","","","",""99723149607841792,48953729,"2011-08-06 ","en","says, He's a bully whether they're Refs or Cops! Yeah it's bad 2 bully ppl on the Internet but if u dnt want it 2 happen, why wud u be on social networking sites","y","report","other","n","reporter","none"99733329888288768,328299858,"2011-08-06 ","en","#No Hate please @USER she sweet amazing cool and talented even @USER said she cool please stop that like bullying","y","self-disclosure","other","n","defender","none"99735018036928512,241654118,"2011-08-06 ","en","#whatifazombie came on twitter and posted on @USER timeline to stop posting stuff about himself and claims its bullying?In AAB, Nicholas is suffering because of bullying but in Skins, he is the one bullying people.

","n","","","","",""99825128107552768,172629739,"2011-08-06 ","en","@USER she's just a little hater hypocrite. It's called being a bully.","y","report","cyberbullying","n","reporter","none"99825615053668352,164744818,"2011-08-06 ","en","Minhwan gets bullied 24/7.

I mean, they bullied me and I was nevertheless hanging [c]","y","self-disclosure","other","n","victim","none"99790883892895744,178061626,"2011-08-06 ","en","I'm going to tell my mom I get bullied about my weight, cry a little, then ask if I can go to hawaii @USER IT WILL WORK","y","self-disclosure","other","n","victim","sadness"99793654092279808,28708693,"2011-08-06 ","en","We now live in a third world economy.

S&P bitch-slaps Obozo for trying to bully them; downgrades US credit rating!

Haha","n","","","","",""99735628861812736,345056455,"2011-08-06 ","en"," Qi Zi Open Question: How can i delete my yahoo account?

: I got tired of facebook bitches bullying me so I quit fb and got on ...","y","self-disclosure","verbal","n","victim","anger"99736378555904000,86890296,"2011-08-06 ","en","If there's a well known bully at your firm who ploughs through staff, but you think they'd probably get on fine with you - #umustbecrazy","n","","","","",""99736587373527040,106293519,"2011-08-06 ","es","Feliii cumple amiguita hermosa @USER te queroooo y aunq paresca bulling tantoo saludoo no lo es bueno sii un poquiiiitoo jajajaja! Don't let bill bully you, just cuz he's got a throne in the middle.","y","self-disclosure","other","n","defender","none"99747773766828032,216768797,"2011-08-06 ","en","This morning I feel like I have a ""bullied brain"" flooded with memories of friends and family lost. HTTPLINK","n","","","","",""99751296562757632,213603228,"2011-08-06 ","en","What’s the point in bullying someone? It hurts the person you’re bullying and ultimately yourself.","n","","","","",""99751938282889216,123227311,"2011-08-06 ","en","@USER Can speak from experience that's invaluable job.

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