Taylor swift mad demi dating joe

I think that happened for Taylor and ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris today.We know that Taylor is now “dating” Tom Hiddleston and they are SO HAPPY FOR REAL AND MEETING FAMILY AND EVERYTHING IS GLORY AND PONIES.Swift dropped her special brand of subtle hints in interviews. And how has Perry responded to this Twitter revelation? All of this was just a string wall of connections pointing to a feud, but now that Harris dropped that bomb? I’m sure I missed some, but let’s focus on the last two names: Katy Perry and Calvin Harris.Calvin Harris has a song out now with Rihanna called “This Is What You Came For” and it seems to be a hit. That is who Harris is referring to with that Tweet.In the booklet that comes w/the CD, there are hidden messages in the lyrics.You take all the capital letters and put them in order to spell a phrase.

Did Demi Lovato throw MAD shade at her former bestie Selena Gomez and scarlet-lipped country cutie Taylor Swift?!Unless Demi is talking about her once best friend Selena, whose high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber has only added to her growing fame…We guess that Selena-Demi-Britney Spears collaboration we were hoping for will NEVER happen (insert sadface)!Ashley Greene Joe Jonas California Couple Photo Daily Mail And People Style notes that the exes were good buds since before they were famous and still get to spend time together these days amidst their hectic .Listen, I am old and I dislike Taylor Swift’s music, save maybe one song.

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