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In 2013, Fashion United is meeting with various top executives from the fashion industry.

Soren Steffensen has been CEO of the lingerie brand Triumph in the Northern European region since March 2011.

With online start ups currently saturating the fashion industry, how are you aiming to stay niche?

We predominantly sell the classic models here, although we also have modern lingerie.

Image: Huntsman Savile Row In a time of numerous online start ups, Fashion United caught up with Judit Sanchez, the CEO and co- founder of, a new online transactional footwear platform with a difference; aiming to bridge the gap between education and market fit for pioneers in footwear design on how the idea came about and infusing her international market sensibilities. The idea came about when my partner (we actually had no background in fashion and art, rather a varied expertise of business, banking and branding) started to develop creative interests on the side of our main careers mainly in art and design - If for graduates it is always difficult to stand out from the crowd and get into the job position they would love to, wouldn’t it be harder for graduates in the Arts to make a living of their passion?

It first came to us to focus on designer pieces in general, but Fab was just popping out or accessories, but Boticca was emerging at the time.

What’s clever about the corrective underwear market? Yes, we have competitors but we are more modern and sexy. The materials are no longer as thick as they were ten years ago. Not only with the big players but also with independent businesses.

We are primarily concerned with giving women what they want. This could entail using the ‘shop-in-shops’ concept, although retailers also include our collections on consignment.

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