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Eventually, one producer agreed to stage it on a shoestring budget.

Despite promising preview performances, on its first night in the West End Lionel sat rigid with fear in the audience.

), Riley Pathfinder, Bentley Continental and, most exclusive of all, Facel Vega, the fastest, and coolest, four-seater sports coupe in the world. Based loosely on the story of Robin Hood, it lacked any coherent storyline or dialogue, possibly because — according to the director — Lionel was high on the hallucinogenic drug LSD. He was invited to Hollywood to write movies, but in the sterile Los Angeles environment his inspiration deserted him.

He returned home several months later, to find that a close friend and house guest, 21-year-old Anthony Haydon, had made off with a van-load of expensive possessions including clocks, paintings, antiques and film projectors.

A physically unprepossessing child, short and skinny with sticking out ears and a beaky nose, Lionel compensated by entertaining his fellow urchins with his quick wit, making up rude lyrics to well-known songs.

When Lionel was six, his headmistress told his parents that their son was an ‘artistic genius’.

Petrified that it would be a flop, he bolted out of the theatre.

This article is about the city of Manchester in England.He did not immediately fulfil her prediction: his screeching attempts to learn the violin were decidedly unsuccessful.Despite his chart success, he yearned to have his songs performed in the theatre. It opened in Stratford in February 1959 and was an immediate hit, transferring after a year to the West End.Through it all, Lionel kept writing, but success continued to elude him.Then, in 1977, the producer Cameron Mackintosh put Oliver! It was, once more, a massive hit and was revived again in 1983.

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