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This election has come under particularly close scrutiny amid concerns that any perceived irregularities could trigger deadly unrest in East Africa’s most developed and stable democracy.A decade ago, vote tallying abruptly stopped mid-count when the opposition was polling ahead.Voters braved early starts and drizzle, with many starting to queue in the early hours of the morning.By the time the polls officially closed at 5pm, there were still long queues at some polling stations, and voting was extended in parts of northern Kenya, where bad weather hampered the delivery of ballot papers.But others said they feared developments could quickly spiral out of control if the ruling Jubilee party is accused of stealing votes. Nobody expected it,” said Teresa Akini, a 23-year-old beautician.

I think we’ve learned our lesson.” Sarah Mwangi, 30, said that the post-election violence of 2007/8 had encouraged her to vote in subsequent polls. I thought, ‘Why do I want to get rained on and stand for three hours?

“I am willing, myself, to accept the will of the people, so let them too." It is not clear when the final results will be known, but it could be as early as Wednesday morning, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has said.

As voters streamed to the polls yesterday, the mood in parts of Nairobi was one of excited, if nervous, anticipation.

Mr Odinga has repeatedly suggested that the ruling Jubilee party will attempt to influence the outcome of elections.

By the time polling stations had closed, however, the opposition had offered little serious criticism of the process.

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