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The Leftovers star Justin Theroux, 46, also appeared to be a part of the scene.

He sported a lighter grey three piece suit, cream shirt and graphic tie.

But on Saturday Felicity Jones was spotted playing one of the titans of American politics on the set of On The Basis Of Sex.

The 34-year-old Rogue One star looked relaxed as she took on the role of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the historical flick.

''Sex, in the sense of a natural, biological, and visible 'doing what comes naturally,' '' she writes, ''is the supreme fiction of hard-core pornography; and gender, the social construction of the relations between 'the sexes,' is what helps constitute that fiction.'' In stag films, for instance, sexual satisfaction is not a problem but a given.

But with the women's movement, and the news that women were sometimes faking - or failing to have - orgasms, representations of pleasure required more than an erect penis moving in and out of a vagina.

Williams suggests, in much the same way as song-and-dance numbers work in a musical - to achieve a resolution to the problem presented in the story.

It's a good thing filming seems to be proceeding at a steady pace, as the movie is scheduled for a 2018 release, which will help mark Ginsburg’s 25th anniversary as a Supreme Court Justice.

I glared at her and rolled out of my bed very ungracefully. ____________________________________________________________________________ We arrived at the mall and Palmer pulled me into the first shop.

HARD CORE Power, Pleasure, and the ''Frenzy of the Visible.'' By Linda Williams. Pornography is a flash point in this process, with no public figure willing to say anything that would cause him or her to be seen as ''for'' it.

It is around words like ''decency'' and ''desecration,'' along with the volatile issue of abortion, that realignment is currently being negotiated in our image-saturated political arena.

In a period when battles over images have replaced substantive political debate, it is not surprising that questions about imagery in the culture at large are generating the most political heat.

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