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Opening the case of the prosecution, William Hughes QC played CCTV footage taken from cameras located on Cromwell Road, which shares a junction with Keene Street.

The footage showed the Cromwell Stores convenience store, known locally as the Red Shop, where an intoxicated Mr Jedrzejewski attempted to buy alcohol from on January 12 at around 10pm.

Ms Rees added that the defendants should look to the future, and not back at the past year.

Ms Brunner QC added that his “true conscience” and “good character” were shown when he went to the police station.Prosecuting, William Hughes QC told the court that the defendants washed and changed their clothes as well as concealing mobile telephones in a bid to avoid anything which could have placed them in Keene Street at the time of the incident.Defending Banton, Ali Bajwa QC said his defendant was "panicking".FOUR people accused of murdering a Polish man in in January all handed clothing and phones over to others following an incident in a Newport street, a court has heard.Richard Wallis, 43, of Keene Street, Callum Banton, 18, of Fleetwood Close, and a 17-year-old youth, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jan Jedrzejewski in Keene Street.

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