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A graphical display of the player's location and viewpoint is provided in a window.Other windows can feature a point-and-click interface, including a listing of the player's inventory of and a command list with multiple-choices menus.But this is the first, last and ONLY time this game will ever look and feel like an ordinary adventure game.Eric the Unready brings new life to the Adventure genre - in fact I would go so far as to say that it creates a whole new branch of this genre.The game is loosely divided into "day," each of which is marked by hilarious cut-scenes and parody newspaper that recaps Eric's misadventures in the previous day and pokes fun at more people and objects than you can shake a stick at.The objects, locations, and puzzles in each day are self-contained, and as a mark of superior game design similar to Lucas Arts games, you can neither die in this game nor find yourself at a dead end where restoring is necessary.Just about every famous person, things, or fiction is at the mercy of his razor-sharp parody pen in this game, from Star Trek to the The Monty Pythons.

It might not come as a big surprise that a bit later in the game she gets kidnapped, and that it is up to you to rescue the fair maiden. And every detail will be described in tomorrow’s newspaper.When it comes to the graphics and music, Eric scores high points.The video graphics (like the intro) are astonishingly well-made and rival those of Sierra.Eric the Unready is a parody of the fantasy genre in general, though it parodies numerous other topics as well, ranging from Star Trek to Zork.It tells a comedic story of the titular unqualified knight on a quest to rescue a princess. The game engine of Eric the Unready uses an interactive fiction style interface.

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