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“Dating in the workplace is no longer taboo,” says Charles A.Pierce, a professor of management at the University of Memphis who researches workplace behavior and sexual harassment. A SHRM survey showed that 81 percent of human resource professionals see workplace romances as dangerous.Now, a year after that date, they’re husband and wife.Looking back, Mollinedo, now 40, struggles to explain why she changed her mind about dating a co-worker.

“But that’s not possible here,” says Peggy Gardner, UPS public relations director.Mainly, it boils down to this: “Nobody will ever pay you enough to postpone the things that are a natural part of life, like falling in love, marriage and starting a family,” she says.“When you spend the majority of your life at work, where else are you going to meet people?I don’t hang out at bars.” Happy workplace couples, like Mollinedo and Mims, reflect new thinking in the workplace: Finding your honey where you make your money isn’t out of the question anymore.In the end, the company figures it would rather lose an employee over an office romance than cause morale problems across the board.UPS does not specifically have a policy against dating in the workplace, but if two employees decide to get married and one of them holds a management position, the company encourages one of them to work elsewhere.

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