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Mary Aiken: Lots of people have a positive experience of online dating.One of the criticisms of my book is that I showcase a lot of negative content in terms of all things cyber. We have an army of marketers over here telling us it’s all good. So the NCA which is the National Crime Agency in the UK, police force, recently issued a report to say that there has been a six-fold increase in sexual assaults associated with online dating.As the police say, get to know the person and not the profile.So what is the science behind why you think this stranger is suddenly an intimate friend?Her aim is not to tear down technology that has widened our social circles marvelously, but merely to balance what she calls "the army of marketers" telling us that cyberspace is good.What is not good, says Aiken, or at least very different from normal behavioral, is how quickly we disclose personal details online.

Instead, navigating new social rules introduced by the Internet is complicated.It’s a little like what we call stranger on the train syndrome.It’s easy to sit down with a total stranger and totally disclose.But there are consequences and real world consequences.And in the report, the police report their researchers felt that the root of the problem was what they classified as misdirected expectations which means that the chat online, whatever platform whether it was text based or chat based platforms had quickly escalated into very intimate and sexualized content in some of the cases which in turn meant that when there was real world meeting that there were misdirected expectations. So if anybody has been a victim of a sexual assault associated with online dating you must report it immediately.

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