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The Skype you know and love has an all-new design, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways to stay connected with the people you care about most. You can also respond to any message from your contacts with reactions.• Great for groups: Add your favorite people and start chatting. Send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, Mojis and more.As Goodin’s sources point out, it’s the responsibility of services such as Skype and Facebook (which reportedly employs similar techniques) to ensure that their services aren’t used to distribute malware.But still, perceptions of Skype being an un-tappable medium persist.It certainly sounds like your Skype communications are safe from prying eyes and ears, doesn’t it? According to Dan Goodin of Ars Technica, the Microsoft-owned Skype “regularly scans message contents for signs of fraud, and company managers may log the results indefinitely. And this can only happen if Microsoft can convert the messages into human-readable form at will.” Ars found this out by getting an independent privacy and security researcher, Ashkan Soltani, to work with them to cook up four links created solely for the purposes of the article.Two of those links weren’t clicked on, while the other two – one an HTTP link and the other an HTTPS link – were accessed by a machine at .214, which is an IP address that belongs to Microsoft.Here’s the rub: A month after the May 2011 purchase, Microsoft was granted a patent for “legal intercept” technology, designed to be used with VOIP services like Skype to “silently copy communication transmitted via the communication session.” Was it integrated into Skype architecture?Skype’s not saying, and it’s impossible to say for sure.

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