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I couldn't feel much of her orgasm as her pussy was soft.

As I joined the rest with my usual task of pushing heap of bricks with the wheelbarrow, Ben asked, how was the boss wife? I didn't find anything funny as I secretly treasured the experience.

The employer, a man in the 70s looked at me from head to foot then back. I was called into the house, our employer's wife, a plump woman in her late 60s asked me if I was a new worker, my hometown, etc. Then told me to bring out a tray of dip fried chicken wings. There I placed my hard earned money securely in my bag.

A can of beer in his hand which he seeped from time to time, ok, come tomorrow he said as he continued his beer. I was tasked with a wheelbarrow, ferrying sand, gravel, bricks and cement. 10am break, everybody crowded round the employer's station wagon. We were all treated to a night of beer, drinking at his garage space.

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Everyone was in a light mood sharing and at times laughing. I was again called to the kitchen, I was told by the boss wife to bring out a tray of chicken drumsticks and to return to the kitchen. My knees felt weak, my balls empty and my cock rested limp in my pants. As I chewed the meaty chicken drumsticks, I kept on recalling, that's how a vagina feels like. Tomorrow, you go to mow my lawn and tidy up the garage. The garage held empty buckets, crates of floor tiles, used tyres and all the construction related things. She is really attractive and I've had dreams about her before and I'm pretty sure if she tried to seduce me I would let her (save your terrible husband comments for another time).I guess my question is how can I tell if she wants me to take it further?

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    This self-doubt is the biggest obstacle vegan women face when dating, Gottfried thinks.

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