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Nineteen-year-old Amanda would then turn and naturally wiggle to the kitchen, all-too aware that her barely covered derrière, nude beneath her barely concealing heaven-high hem, and her superb brown bare firm calves and strong brown thighs, were stirring staring which she would sometimes turn her head to smile back at her devastated customers to thank them for. Her legs showed she was in-shape and that shape was fully fulsome felinely feminine.

Sometimes a wolf-whistle would split the air as Amanda disappeared with an order, and a subconscious extra-wide snake would then wriggle her all-girl gait. Amanda's legs were the transport of a delight, and transports of delight, with wonderful strong thighs and stretched softly smoothly muscular calves from her tiptoed erectness.

Compulsorily completely naked beneath their short-sleeved elongated, crimson, figure-hugging tee-shirt-cum-dresses, with nothing else allowed to be worn, bare legged, and wearing heelless tiptoe shoes on which they were constantly ballerinered atop their ballet-shoes' steel-capped squared-off toes, the compelling sight of the young girls Le Rosbif employed was now being enjoyed by businesswomen along the whole highway-chain of the British mainland.

Many of the waitresses wore their uniform warily and wearily, but Amanda's outstanding attractiveness continued to show in her ready and genuine smile and the spellbinding eye contact she made with her customers, even when her customers' eyes had invariably just run the amazing length of Amanda's stunningly shapely legs, and stopped off at the full firmness of Amanda's stupendous mountainous 40DD bosom, rolling enticingly excitingly freely, because completely unrestrained and unencumbered, before meeting the bright twinkling pitch-dark-brown glory, of Amanda's shining orbs, sparkling with her pride at her girlness and her knowledge of her girlness, and her knowledge that her girlness was taking her customers breath away.

The contract was extremely onerous, but three month's pay at Le Rosbif would fund a whole year's college tuition, and what had a girl as naturally beautiful as Amanda to fear of some silly contractual sub-clauses: indeed sub-clauses of sub-clauses which there must be cause to question the legality of in any case?

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Le Rosbif was not their only contract, but Amanda had made it by far their favourite. "Have you ever been fucked by a boy or boys Amanda" "Y.miss" Amanda whispered hanging her head in adorable embarrassment. " "Yes miss" Amanda tearful-eyed exquisitely lovely answered, her adorably constant-kiss-proffering lips quivering with fear as well as excruciating embarrassment. " Amanda's gloriously massively huge, wholly holy, firm breasts, rolled and swayed with her sobs."Did he fuck your mouth, your bum, your slit, or all three? " "Yes miss" Again the secret -shoppers whooped and whistled and cheered the stunning beauty. A stunningly beautiful healthy girl with an appetite for the lovemaking she was created for and deserved, including worship from the parting of her heavenly frontal altar, steepled by her legs, and the division of the smooth cathedralic domes of her sensationally sensuous rear temple, made to feel soiled and shamed as she had no need of being or of being." "My ……….my………my slit miss" "Did you enjoy it slut? "You were told to work it out before coming on camera, whore! "Her boyfriend shares me", Amanda answered without being asked. And clear on the DVD, a telltale sheen on the lips of Amanda's nude-shaven slit told of a new worship: a new love: this a shock to the simply stunning girl.Amanda's slim upper arms showed only the hint of a hint of a hint of a hint of bicep, from her weightlifting to keep herself trim: just the hint of a hint of a hint of a hint, for Amanda was pure full carved, full curved, girl.And sometimes she must wipe the tables or bend to table a loaded tray.

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