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Record Books containing our older Recorded Land documents (book 1 to book 2789), plus higher numbered books that are missing from "Search Land Records." Images in this section are retrievable by book and page number only as single page images - you must separately retrieve each page of a multipage document.

Pre-1855 Documents: This registry was created in 1855.

Each recorded instrument has its own unique book and page reference at the top of the document’s first page. For viewing and printing, click any of the documents. Please note that the above is not a substitute from a full title exam by a qualified title examiner and should not be relied upon for any purchase, sale or refinance transactions.

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Recorded documents are assigned a sequential identifying number (known as the book and page number) and are then scanned into the registry's computer system.For common names, this will often generate too many names results as the search function is not limited to town.In the basic search form, click the Advanced button on the right side. This is the optimal search method as you can limit the search by town and document type.All of the Massachusetts registries of deeds now offer free online document search capabilities.The main portal for most registries is by the Secretary of State’s Office. Here is a handy list of all registries liked to their online search portals: In the basic search form, you input the property owner’s last name and first name and hit search.

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