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In a vivid dream, Chavundaraya saw himself shoot an arrow from the summit of Chandragiri to the adjacent hill, as directed by Kushmandini Yakshi and the figure of Gommateshwara flashed from the spot the arrow hit.

Following this he commissioned the curving of the same image from a granite monolith under the supervision of sage Arishtanemi between 980 and 983 AD.

Bahubali won the three contests of the challenge against Bharat but was disgusted by all the violence that being a king entails.

He subsequently abandoned his kingdom, family and other worldly attachments to become a Digambara monk.

Bahubali was born of the Ishvaku Dynasty in Ayodhya.

He challenged the ‘chakravartin’ supremacy of his elder brother Bharat who had won over submission of rulers from the six divisions of the earth as well as 98 of his brothers.

The 17.37m tall granite statue weighs about 80 tons and is accessed via a flight of more than 500 steps.

The site offers a picturesque view of the plains as well as nearby hills.

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The inscription is dedicated in praise of the Ganga king Rachamall who funded the effort, and his general Chavundaraya, who commissioned the statue for the fulfillment of the wish of his mother.

Image Credit: maverickshree.About Bahubali Bahubali was the son of Rishabhanatha, the first of the 24 Tirthankaras in Jainism and is also known as Gommatesha. From a 9th century Sanskrit poem, Adi Purana, written by Digambara monk Jinasena, the story of Bahubali is deciphered.

His eyes are open in a face with perfectly chiseled features and are sporting a faint smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

His face, smile and posture embody a calm vitality ascetic detachment.

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