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The Government of Canada cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet your destination’s entry or exit requirements.We have obtained the information on this page from the Iranian authorities. Verify this information with foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Canada.Hire only official taxis from agencies or hotel-based companies, and always pre-negotiate the fare.Most taxis do not have meters, and foreigners are often overcharged.Leave a photocopy of your travel documents with a relative or a friend at home.Every country or territory decides who can enter or exit through its borders.

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Canadian and Canadian-Iranian women have been stranded in Iran or mistreated by an Iranian husband or a male family member. Road conditions are good in cities, and the highway system is relatively well developed.

Avoid all travel to to the province of Sistan-Baluchistan, which borders Pakistan, and to within 20 km of the border with Afghanistan, due to ethnic conflicts and the risk of kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

Safety and security situation Canadians in Iran may be closely watched by Iranian authorities.

Sidewalks on main roads in urban areas may be obstructed by cars. Trains are comfortable and punctual, but service is limited and slow.

Exercise caution if travelling by sea, including for recreational purposes, in the Persian Gulf, particularly around the disputed islands of Abu Musa and Tunbs.

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