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A lot of Germans didn't want this to happen but they had to go with it so they wouldn't die. My dad was a ball turrent gunner on a B-17, he told me that if their primary industrial target was already destroyed they wold dump their payload over the populated area of the city. But I guess all is fair in [email protected] Mac actually the carpet bombing by the British and U. was really not as devastating as the Fuhrer's " Scorched Earth policy". If not for Russia the Fuhrer would not have snuffed himself on the first day of May 1945.

It would have taken longer for the Allies to get to Berlin.

I know that the Nazis were bad but nowadays there are many people in the world (GOOD PEOPLE) who are germans and are hated at school and socially because we are German. Just because it was Germany doesn't mean Germans are bad. Please note that this was recorded in January 2013 and the game looks even better now!Red Light Center is an online real-time massively multiplayer fuck fest.More than 5 millions Black people were killed during the Trans - Atlantic Slave Trade. Black people\\'s heritage was altered and denied them. Even more innocent Black people were lynched by white men and women in America after the abolishing of slavery? We cannot believe anything that white people say since they lied and deceived the Indians.

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