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These are the only circumstances where I've used it to any success. If she gives it great, if not you send another message making fun of her a bit and hoping that she gives it to you then.He then suggests how you should follow up with phone game and some tips for when you go on a date. - It is easy to implement and shows you pretty much exactly what you need to do...Because the getting the number is so quick you don't have time to vibe with a girl properly before calling her... This is made worse because, although David M does describe some phone game strategies, they are far from exhaustive.The product provides - A suggested template for a profile and a few tips on how to customise it and where to get ideas from for your modifications (e.g. ) - A couple of suggested templates for opening emails.Seriously her biceps were bigger than my thighs, I didn't see her again because that's not the type of girl I want.So out of 30 initial emails sent out following Dave M's steps I got 1 date with a linebacker type girl. Now the 28 girls who didn't respond to my initial email, they got Dave's "Can't miss follow up email" ..that missed big time.I live in Central PA where there are maybe a few hundred, and out of those I only found 30 through the online site that were attractive to me (slim, athletic bodies, girls who don't smoke and don't have kids...) So I sent out 30 emails, only 2 of which responded.I did as the program suggested and followed up with the email requesting for the phone number.

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Saint730 I'm glad someone else agrees with me, hopefully the word will get out and other guys will be able to save their time and money.

something that other products, notably Grant Adam's Net 2 Bed, lack. In my experience it doesn't work on my main target group 25 and below. In particular it doesn't work on Plenty of Fish (Po F), the world's (I think) biggest online dating site or social networking sites like Myspace.

- When it works it doesn't waste time - It does work in certain circumstances (in my experience women mid-twenties minimum and on In my view this is because girls on Po F can receive up to 100 messages a day and needs something quick and snappy that stands out.

David M's messages are too big and boring for most to engage with.

Myspace game requires an entirely different approach as the women there largely aren't expecting to be hit on. If you don't have great phone game this product may not be for you.

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