I need a word of love on dating site

Though I find you wildly attractive and sexy, I’m not going to try to kiss you tonight or take you home or even elope to Vegas.

Tonight is just an opportunity for us to share our truths, our visions, what we want to create in this life – and to see if we inspire each other, even a little.

Men are more likely to find love using words in their online dating profile that suggest an interest in a long-term relationship.

Certainly at the end of the mythical “third date.”So if you meet a woman who you think is a “keeper,” the kind of woman with whom you might want to build not a mere pile of sweaty sheets in the morning, but a lifetime (of sweaty sheets J) and happy memories, then let her know where your priorities are from the start.

Those who have found love, unsurprisingly, use the word “love” the most in their profiles.

Successful daters of both sexes frequently used the words “time,” “life,” “friend” and “music,” as well.

Our first date went magnificently as we discovered shared passions and favorite authors and a shared vision for a life of spiritual and physical adventure.

Within hours, we found each other in each other’s arms, making out.

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