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“I think she’s a real possibility for 2018, with a good chance of being our candidate,” said former Vice President Walter Mondale, a political mentor to Smith and one of many prominent Minnesota Democrats who call her friend.“Of course there’ll be a heated contest, but you have to put her at the top of the list.” Smith has little to say about the next governor’s race, which is certain to feature some of the DFL’s biggest names battling to replace the retiring Dayton.“It’s hard to say what things will look like a couple of years from now,” Smith said in an interview, calling herself undecided about a bid. But he told the Star Tribune recently that he has duties in mind for Smith next year that will elevate her even higher.Dayton plans to make his lieutenant the administration’s point person on his two biggest priorities — expanded early learning classes at schools statewide, and major spending to update the state’s transportation infrastructure.And I’m like, ‘Cool, call me slutty,’ ” says Kelly. “You must be so tired,” she said to the group gathered in a small gymnasium.

That led to work on a series of DFL campaigns, including as manager of Ted Mondale’s 1998 bid for governor, and as an adviser to Walter Mondale’s last-minute campaign for U. Senate in 2002 following the death of Paul Wellstone.

In another shot, she wears a corset while a masked man prepares to whip her.

(“My brother helped me put on the corset,” says Kelly, who shares a spacious two-bedroom pad with him in Gramercy Park. We’re best friends.”) It’s a juxtaposition, no doubt, to the “sweet thang” who posts the occasional selfie in an oversize vintage tee, eating ice cream and emanating innocence.

Eileen Kelly is equal parts seductress and doe-eyed ingénue as she lies on her white bed, in her all-white room — the only accents of color coming from her shimmering blue top and favorite pink lightbulb.

“Any time I have a guy over, he’s like, ‘Are you sure your dad’s not in the room next door?

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