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We would use 1 pack of chlorine tabs every month , 1 2.5kg chlorine each season , 1 bottle of anti alge per year and the stuff for balancing the PH we are still on our first lot from tears ago and barely need to use it. We have used it and it does a good job for a portable pool.The filter isn't great, probably good to upgrade. I'd strongly advise a thin layer of sand (unless you have really flat lush lawn) with a tarp over it though.I think that's if they are more than about 30cm deep (how deep if filled to the maximum, not how deep you might actually fill them). The filters they come with are OK but not really up to the task so you need to be pretty good about cleaning it yourself.We have friends that have one - they put it up every summer.So same filter & no cover, the soft sided one did have a cover (but it never stayed on).Many pros though, plus we've never had an issue with leaning despite slightly uneven ground, which was why we were forever taking down the first one - this one only came down once in summer and that was when it was cold and we got lazy and forgot the chlorine.We finally replaced it last Xmas but this time we decided to go with a frame version - it was bigger & the same price the other one had been.

Once you figure out what you are doing they are very easy to take care off. ETA I just use the test strips myself to check the water. They sell this for portable pools- means you don't need chlorine. Thanks ladies for that helpful information, wow the pumps are so expensive, looks like I am better off with a sand filter one?The cartridge ones are much cheaper but they have ongoing cost to replace.We have had a pool in summer for the last 8 years I think and am on our second now.It will be our 3rd year with this one this filter filters they come with are hopeless and dont clean the pool nearly enough. As for maintenance, I have a floating chlorine dispenser with 2 tablets in (our is a large pool).

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