Gothic dating ideas

Escape New York City on a day trip to this village about an hour north of the city that's inspired iconic books, movies, and TV shows.

The two of you can visit nearby Sparta Cemetery, where mists and lights float around graves (Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is equally creepy-cool and houses Washington Irving's tombstone); Sunnyside, Irving's own home where apparitions are a common sight; and Patriot's Park, where the ghost of a beheaded Revolutionary War soldier still roams.

Cozy up to your love by grabbing onto their arm for dear life as you tour through this Gothic, ghost-ridden prison in the City of Brotherly Love.

Once the home of Al Capone, it was continuously used for 142 years before it was abandoned in 1971.

Go on a trolley ghost tour to get yourself acquainted with the area's Victorian homes and history, visit the definitively haunted Higbee Beach, and, if you just can't get enough, stay overnight in one of the many ghostly B&Bs, like Windward House.

Waverly Hills was a tuberculosis hospital from 1920-1961.

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Hike to one of the several convenient overlooks on the mountain for a good vantage point.

The eerie orbs are best seen in autumn, during or just after a rain, so pack a rain coat and boots along with your picnic for two.

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