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After Gomamon's fishes bring the island back to land, the group falls asleep.

As the group re-enter the forest, they see a black gear flying above.

As the group evacuate the Yokomon residents, Biyomon challenges Meramon but is no match for his power as the Digimon's fire-based attacks are only increasing his size.

Luckily, Biyomon evolves into Birdramon and manages to remove the black gear from Meramon's body to restore him to his usual self.

The group are taken to shore and, after their Digimon partners reintroduce themselves in regard to their new rookie forms, attempt to determine their location and how to return home.K., and Joe—are each given an item that falls from an aurora in the sky, and are all swept off by a wave.Coming to in a strange place, Tai finds himself with an equally strange creature that calls himself Koromon.As the group rest to determine their next plan of action, they are attacked by a Shellmon.None of the Digimon except for Agumon has the strength to fight because they have not eaten.

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