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Although is truth that before economic hardship was pushing young Cambodian girls into the sex trade, today Cambodia don’t have so much child prostitution anymore.

On Tuesday, the leader of the majority-Buddhist nation accepted AIM’s apology over the segment and has rescinded calls to shut down the organization’s schools, shelters, and offices, mostly based in the heavily Vietnamese Svay Pak slums.appeared to ignore both the wider issue of sex trafficking—which advocates say remains a problem—and the fact that the CNN report had called attention to authorities’ good work in largely stamping out what was once a notorious hub of child sex trafficking.CT’s recent cover story highlighted the dynamic between AIM, which applauds the reduction in underage girls available for sex but believes there’s still work to be done, and fellow Christian organization International Justice Mission (IJM), which wrapped up its pioneering anti–sex trafficking efforts in Cambodia to focus on labor trafficking.Option 2: You just walk around town and look out for cute girls with regular jobs.But then this isn’t Thailand where you know the best places to meet girls during the day are the countless of shopping malls – which are still very rare in Phnom Penh not even thinking of the rest of the country so you’re much more limited here. So here comes number 3: The Online Dating Sites in Cambodia.

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