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"I am half of this partnership and she thinks that since Michael is gone, I'm just here for the ride.with dollar signs in her eyes and disgust for Blakely in her heart. I don’t recall hearing those that night but [because we were drunk] I might not have remembered that. No matter what Chris does, two of three girls are going to be hurt and it’s going to affect Chris’s game.NEWS: Bachelor Pad's most shocking eliminations ever As Bukowski and Newlon face off against Trueheart and Petersen, Petersen is strongly hoping his partner will up her game.

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Ed has admitted to having several chances with Jaclyn but they have agreed they are better off as friends. Chris and Sarah are no longer together (surprise surprise!

in regards to her date to Dodger’s stadium with Ed Swiderski. And I gotta admit Jaclyn is one of those girls that grows on you. He makes jokes about it.”I was thinking about every move at all times and at this point, we worked really well as partners. That’s a different situation.”It’s tough to see your partner hook up with somebody else because at this point in the game, we don’t know if that’s going to be your partner to the end.

I know some bloggers have said some not so nice things about her looks — like Knox Mc Coy calling her “no checked bags” on Ben’s season. And after her recent tweet (Ed’s noises are pretty epic. If I [thought] that would jeopardize something, I wouldn’t have gone there. You want your partner to be someone you want to go on dates with.

During the rose ceremony, however, Swartz found out that her friend was overruled, and agreed with Petersen when sending her and Swiderski home.

VIDEO: Bad boy Kalon woos Lindzi on Bachelor Pad date "I want nothing to do with her ever again in my entire life. " Swartz fumed after bursting into tears minutes after an emotional Trueheart cast her vote.

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