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Develops super-8mm or 16mm Ektachrome at speeds up to 20 feet per minute. Each cycle precisely timed and all temperatures rigidly, automatically controlled to meet Kodak requirements. Many exclusive features includ- ing Houston Tendency Drive, the finest made. ponsor & Distributor: Illinois Scsquicenten- nial Commission olden Eagle — CINE old Camera — U. Industrial Film Festival old Medal — Atlanta International Film Festi\al Trio For Three Angles roducer & Sponsor: Bruce & Katherine Comvvell 'istributor: International Film Bureau olden Eagle — CINE rogrammed — 5th International Week, Edu- cational & Teaching Films, Brussels pecial Panel Prize — 4th International Ex- hibition of Scientific Films, Buenos Aires Vitamins From Food Producer: Wexler Film Productions Sponsor: Dairy Council of Cahf. Diploma of Participation — 12th Golden Mer- cury — Venice Blue Ribbon — American Film Festival Golden Eagle — CINE Water Producer: Cavalcade Productions Inc. Films from Italy were also multiple award winners with one third and a fourth prize. to r.): Jack Gabrielson, Mc Donnell-Douglas Corp.; Harold Daffer, Honeywell, Inc.; Wm. Grand Prix and Inforfilni honors given Why Man Ciea U'\ were supplemented by the seeond prize awarded Operutor in category F and by the fourth prize trophy given The Sianijicance of You in the highly-competitive category C. (3) judge technical ami artistic qualities of the film, consider visual quality, sound and tempo. We'll also show you how these active, high-income family groups can be watching your sponsored film this coming summer. He wanted to break out of theater cin- ema and enter the arena of life. It was not until after the Second World War, that the current interest in what we now call Cinema Verite was born. Exhibi- tion of Scientific Films, Buenas Aires Golden Eagle — CINE Gold Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival ('liris Statuette — Columbus Film Festi\al Once Upon A Time Producer: MPO Productions Sponsor: United Air Lines Golden Eagle — CINE Silver Phoenix — Atlanta International Film Festival Gold Medal — N. Film Festixal On Guard Producer: Don Hoster Spon.sor: District Attorney L. Super-8mm/16mm EKTACHROME ALSO B&W MODELS SOON PAYS FOR ITSELF Save processing costs and valuable time with the Houston E-16-8-30. Send foi PHOTO PRODUCTS, IP THE WORLD KNOWS OUR PROD .4 Tradition of i JANUARY, 1970 most honored films continued Ski The Outer Limits Producer: Summit Films, Inc. Company Distributors: Modem Talking Picture Service, Associated Films Bronze Medal — N. Machines Producer & Sponsor: Bell Telephone Labora- tories, Inc. Golden Eagle — CINE Diploma of Participation — 7th International Festival of Science Fiction, Trieste Diploma of Participation — 7th Golden Mer- cury Competition, Venice Tomorrow Is A Day roducer: Guggenheim Productions, Inc. Wliy Man Creates added to its laurels when it received the annual Inforfilm plaque, presented by this international distribution organization as symbolic of "its great po- tential worldwide audience interest." Infor- film secretary-general Jan Botermans, of Brussels, presented the plaque to O. Small in geographical size, but strong at Berlin, Switzerland carried home four prizes out of its 1 1 entries, winning a first place, two "thirds" and a fourth. (2) is the fihn likely to communicate at the level of the specified audience? Hotels, mo- tels and camps that play host to over 6 million film-viewing vacationers every summer. That's why we'd like to send you a free copy of our informative resort cinema audience survey. The seeds of this movement appeared in the early 20th century when the Russian filmmaker Vertov saw the necessity of filming life as it hap- pens, of filming people with their masks off.A total of six Gold and Silver Hugo Awards are made in addi- tion to the issuance of certificates of partici- pation for all films accepted in the competi- tion. From 15,000 feet to the top, they had to carry everything they needed on their backs. The pure Cinema Verite film is on the opposite side of the circle from the fully controlled, totally scripted industrial film. Let's call it "Cinema Verite Attitude." What do we mean by Cinema Verite Atti- tude?SPECIAL FILMS: Industrial film entries w iiich, because of budget, size, multiplicity of images or screens, are termed "special" and treated in a separate category. Diiector, 6th (Chicago In- ternational I-'ilin Festixai, 235 W. Simply put it means, for me, captur- ing on film realism of action, thought and emotion as close as possible to the way it actually happened, happens, or will happen.

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We supply the projector, projectionist, delivery, and program- ming—all free of charge. and Canadian film libraries, and through Inforfilm overseas. In the 'SOs we learned that a client demands quality processing, when promised. All this has worked so well in the past, we plan no changes in the '70s. AWARDS: Blue Ribbon (trophy) Awards to be presented at banquet, Saturday, May 16, 1970. The Swiss air- craft maker, Pilatus, also showed perform- ance characteristics of its Pilatus Porter. delegate Richard Roxas, Dugdale, Shell-Mex & BP Ltd., British delegate; Inga Millar, of Norway's Meetings & Presentations mgr., Westinghouse Electric Corp. In direct cinema as in Cinema Verite the role of the cameraman is to observe.

10019 Phone: (212) 245-2969 BUSINESS SCREEN JANUARY, 1970 . NUMBER 1 CT/te ^(aaavtne o^ ^jriut/to tint/ t'l Aua/ ^oo Ia and STec/ntt'^ue^ - & Central N. Silver Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival Silver Cindy — IFPA Chris Statuette — Columbus Film Festival Special Award — N. Film Festival Lillehei On Stagnant Shock Producer, Sponsor & Distributor: The Upjohn Company Diploma of Honor — 6th Internationa! Sponsor: Boise Cascade Corporation Distributor: Modern Talking Picture Service 4th Prize — International Industrial Film Festival Chris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival Golden Eagle — CINE SMALLEST tb FULLY AUTOMATIC GULUK EVER BUI iff Fast! Naval Underseas R&D Center Distributor: Naval Undersea & De velopment Academy of Var Prize — 7th International Maritime & Exploration, Toulon Bronze Medal ■ — Atlanta International Film Festival Golden Eagle — CINE The Thinking??? The Be- haviour Game, sponsored by Barclays Bank Limited and produced by Lion Pace- setter Productions Ltd., both of London. Britain and Italy were the only two countries to submit the full total of 15 entries; the German entry list totaled 14. It is useful to note the criteria which guided members of the Jury: (1) is the specific objective of tlie film acliieved? And it proves that if you have a film— or plan to make one— on sports, recreation, travel, or other interesting subjects, you won't find a more receptive audience anywhere. Every year Modern's unique Resort Cinema opera- tion distributes sponsored films to more than 1 200 resorts from coast to coast. For the Cinema Verite filmmaker, the truth of his work is in the slice of life he chooses to capture on film.

Gold Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival Gold Camera — U. Industrial Film Festival Blue Ribbon — American Film Festival Leo Beuerman Producer: Centron Corporation, Inc. Sponsor: The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration 1 St Prize — N\'CA "Da\- of ^'isuals" Bronze Medal — N. Film Festival Chris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival Gold Cindy — IFPA The Significance Of You Producer: de Martin — Marona & Assoc. SALES MANAGEMENT We'll send you a COLOR FILMSTRIP The filmstrip covers such sales management con cerns as: . Sponsor: Owens — Illinois Silver Medal — Atlanta International Film Festival Silver Cindy — IFPA Cold Camera — U. Industrial Film Festival Chris Certificate — Columbus Film Festival Bronze Medal — N. Film Festival Talking With Dolphins Producer: Naval Undersea Warfare Center Sponsor: Biosciences Systems Div. The Festival's second Grand Prix, from among the E-F-G categories, went to an- other outstanding audience winner. German entries matched that country's two first prizes with three "seconds" and a third prize. Denmark, with a third prize for Water to the Islands (category B) and France, with another "third"' for .\ature Morte (cat- egory C) were the only other countries to share prize honors at Berlin. If it's your company's film they watch— or if you'd like it to be — maybe you should know more about these people. We just completed a detailed research study of the resort audiences who view these films. First: what is Cinema Verite'.' Cinema Verite is uncontrolled cinema. You could say it is the ulti- mate in documentary films, allowing real life situations to play undisturbed while re- cording them on film.

They are the Business Screen Magazine Award to the outstanding Advertising-Sales Promotion film, the Back Stage Piililication . The 26 members of the International Jury, headed by their president, Will Riesen- berg of the Bundesvereinigung der Deut- schen Arbeitgeberverbande, voted top cate- gory honors to entries from Great Britain j (three "firsts" in categories D, E and F); ! Whether it's theatrical distribution alone — or a total distribution plan that includes television and non-theatrical — you'll find that our approach can be made to fit right in with your marketing plans. Cinema Verite the toy and password of a generation of yiimu film- makers.

Those films not receiving a first place award but judged to be of festival qualit\' are presented with a "Certificate ol Creative Excellence." Three special "Gold Camera" Awards are presented each year. ■ 1 ^B X 1 H M ^^Ki WJ 111 ^ ^■^ a^ - flp WPP V ^f supplemented by two Grand Prix, the an- nual Inforfilm plaque and a special West German "Landesfiimdienste" award. Let us show you how we can deliver as many people as one of the biggest national weekly magazines — and at a lower cost per thousand! 20 BUSINESS SCREEN (^INt MA VERITH, Cinema, 1 ict Kli \o\ ■-'movie. Cinema Verite the godlike spirit behind a wave of French filmmakers.

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