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British OO standards operate on track significantly too narrow.

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It is easier to fit a G scale model into a garden and keep scenery proportional to the trains. 0 (zero) gauge trains, for instance, operate on track too widely spaced in the United States as the scale is accepted as whereas in Britain 0 gauge uses a ratio of 43.5:1 or 7 mm/1 foot and the gauge is near to correct.

Hobbyists, called "railway modellers" or "model railroaders", may maintain models large enough to ride (see Live steam, Ridable miniature railway and Backyard railroad).

Modellers may collect model trains, building a landscape for the trains to pass through.

The finescale standards include the UK's P4, and the even finer S4, which uses track dimensions scaled from the prototype.

This 4 mm:1 ft modelling uses wheels 2 mm (0.079 in) or less wide running on track with a gauge of ) with more generous tolerances than P4 for check clearances.

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