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Hatch’s show develops a platform for individuals to voice their experiences, thereby creating a sense of agency in a situation where theirs was once taken away.

The young women confront the camera straight on; Hatch has given them the opportunity to reclaim their narrative, which is thoroughly empowering. Pictured Family album December 18 In 1974, Nicholas Nixon took a portrait of his wife and her three sisters with his 8x10 large format camera.

A keen observer, Hurn’s curiosity led him to capture rodeos, school dances, pageants, football games, patriotic marches, and sun-soaked road trips through the dry Arizona desert.

The collection of black and white images is a nostalgic snapshot of America.

The winning entry will receive a cash prize of ,000.

Nixon continued to do an annual portrait of the sisters for 40 years, and the collection of images is currently being featured in his new exhibition ‘Persistence of Vision’ at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.

The annual photoshoot of the Brown sisters captures the passing of time, with a focus on family relationships and the subtleties of aging.

The display features his documentation of Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the civil rights movement, and Andy Warhol’s Factory days, among other important milestones of the 1960s and 1970s. Pictured, Secret city 12 December Eddo Hartmann has traveled to North Korea four times since 2014 to gain intimate access to the closed city of Pyongyang.

He takes people’s portraits in contrast to the city’s sleek architecture and enlarged monuments, in order to capture the individual experience amid Pyongyang's highly crafted, political persona.

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