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What are a therapist’s obligation regarding reporting a clients’ problems with self-injury? but please, I’m pretty much begging you to answer this one. The exact definition of what is reportable varies from state to state, but generally has to do with the state’s desire to prevent people from harming themselves or others.Abuse of other people is almost always a reportable issue no matter what age the victim may be.In sum, the therapist has to feel comfortable that the patient is not actually in acute risk of harming herself, and there is often no basis for making that judgment other than one’s gut and the word of the patient which isn’t worth much when there is no pre-existing, long standing relationship to base a judgment on.The therapist simply must make a decision, and then document her reasons for why she has made that decision, so that in the event that she is wrong, and an actual suicide occurs, she is able to justify her decision to the authorities who will investigate that death.I don’t use this comparison lightly; therapy in some cases is equivalent to emotional re-parenting, and reigning in is necessary to promote the patient’s ultimate health, and not their momentary comfort.The therapist has no way to know what constitutes safe self-injury and what doesn’t.Of course, these issues of what is safe to talk about and what isn’t also need to be discussed for as long as proves necessary to make them clear in the mind of the patient.Self injury is a very different animal than Suicide, but this distinction is not well understood by all therapists.

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The idea is to prevent people from harming themselves or others.Especially new and relatively inexperienced therapists, and therapists who are feeling the need to be more rather than less cautious may mistake self-injury for suicide and pull the trigger on reporting.If you think about the situation from the perspective of a therapist, the temptation to report when someone tells you they are engaged in a risky and potentially lethal set of behaviors such as self-injury is very high.What I’m saying is that it takes serious balls and serious compassion to work with patients who self-injure because of these legal risks, and people don’t generally appreciate that, and should.Every therapist faced with self-injury would report if there weren’t serious therapeutic downsides to reporting.

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