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In reality, everything happens in progression, not in an all-or-nothing manner.

Silicon Valley, home to thousands of tech companies including top corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Google, is known to strongly encourage failure.

Yet, you need to be careful of the perfectionist’s mind trap, a term I use to refer to a perfectionist’s ability to trap themselves with an endless focus on unimportant information and requisites. Some perfectionists procrastinate; some get stuck in analysis paralysis mode.

Because a perfectionist is detail-oriented and capable of absorbing high levels of information, they are also their weakest link when it comes to taking action. Some give up, while some spend an excruciating amount of time just to get simple things done.

In the real world, no one achieves success smoothly without failure.

No athlete wins a tournament without struggling with their training.

I’ve also shared 6 hidden downsides of perfectionism, including procrastination, having a skewed view of reality, deep inner unhappiness, compromised health, and compromised relationships.

To you, perhaps you have an extremely high standard for every piece of work.

Perfectionists tend to think in terms of very strict dichotomies.

For example, “Black” or “White.” “All” or “Nothing.” “Success” or “Failure.” “Complete everything” or “Don’t do it at all.” Yet, such thinking is self-defeating and at best, unreal.

For example, a neurotic trainer may feel that he needs to color-code his slides and get the most premium folders with embossed logos for his trainees’ handouts, but maybe what his trainees really care about is his content, case studies, and whether he can help them solve their problems.

The extreme dieter may feel that she needs to fast repeatedly every time she falls off the wagon to succeed in her weight loss, but maybe it’s more important that she eats healthily and eats within a certain calorie range more often than not.

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