Dating a coworker tips

They quickly became inseparable, and I’ve never seen Cathy this happy.However, now that the two are practically sewn together, every day that Cathy works, Mark tags along as well until he has to leave for his own job.While it’s common for many cruise lines to implement a pre-applied standard gratuity rate, it’s also a good idea to inquire with the particular cruise company to verify their particular tipping policy.In most cases there is a set per-person, per-day gratuity that is charged against the guest’s individual account.She told Cathy that she doesn’t want Mark at the library all the time while Cathy is working, but Cathy is angry and says that our boss cannot ban Mark from a public building because other patrons come and stay for hours as well.

Most of the bar areas automatically factor in a 15% gratuity, added to the bill.I am trying to help keep the peace because we don’t want Cathy to quit, but my boss is standing firm on the issue.Cathy just doesn’t seem to understand the difference between Mark being there and other patrons staying all day as long as her work quality doesn’t suffer.Follow these tips to get you sailing along in the most mannerly fashion.Tipping policies for cruise ships can be confusing since there are as many different policies as there are cruise lines.

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