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She proved to be adept at court intrigue, and through her efforts, in concert with the prophet Nathan, Solomon was anointed king while David was still alive, despite the fact that he was younger than his brothers.Material evidence for Solomon’s reign, as for that of his father, is scant.The views.'That they will come to the right decisions about people in their party who don't understand that Hamas is a recognised terror organisation, that you cannot have a regular relationship with a terror organisation.'Asked if he was calling Mr Corbyn an anti-Semite, Mr Erdan said: 'I didn't say it.I said there are views that are very close to anti-Semitism in the leadership of the Labour party today in the UK.'Labour has been mired in anti-Semitism allegations since Mr Corbyn took over as leader.Solomon also reinforced his position through military strength.In addition to infantry, he had at his disposal impressive chariotry and cavalry.

Around Jerusalem (but not in the Holy City itself), he built facilities, including shrines, for the main groups of foreigners on trading missions in Israel.The eighth chapter of 2 Chronicles recounts Solomon’s successful military operations in Syria.His aim was the control of a great overland trading route.The Bible says that Solomon consolidated his position by liquidating his opponents ruthlessly as soon as he acceded to the throne.Once rid of his foes, he established his friends in the key posts of the military, governmental, and religious institutions.

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