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So I would definitely say omelettes are my favorite thing to cook and I’m kind of known for it too, I can make a pretty mean omelette.

Asian, Greek, or Italian food, do you have any preference…

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It’s never going to be the defining factor as to whether I continue doing music or not.

I would say, well definitely “Where Does It Hurt”, I think is great. Kstew_Owns Me: Decribe your upcoming album in 3 words. I would love to be able to get a chance to bring it back to what a lot of indie artists are doing, which is just music, real music.

What I love is what I’m able to do, to be honest with you, the fact that I can do the music that I do and that it’s getting to such awesome people was really why I wanted to make music in the first place.

and I think everything’s meant to be, and I think that making music is what it is in my life now, but it’s always a question in the back of my mind. I think Paolo Nutini’s got an awesome voice and I’d love to do a duet with a guy just because I feel like vocally it’d be really cool and fun. I love drama in music and to me strings represent all those things. The most difficult thing right now about the industry is that as an indie artist it’s difficult to find, things kind of unfold as they should and I feel like things are unfolding as they should. I’m going to do it, it’s something that is where I’m heading and it’s what I think about every single day, but to get to that place there’s a couple more walls I need to break down as an indie artist because it’s not quite at my fingertips.

It’s doing both I think does, I mean I have experience in a lot of different things, but acting is a job for me, for sure, I love acting, music is my passion. Bon Iver, Paolo Nutini, maybe something with Landon Pigg would be awesome. You can make it sound really happy or you make it sound really dark, and I love the dark aspect of strings. Internationally touring Brazil, France, UK, US, etc. As an indie artist you really got to work hard to get to that place and I’m going to do everything in my power to try to get to those fans and play those places and I’m confident that it’s going to happen.

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