Ageplay chat adult women

He wrote back rather briefly as he enjoyed making them want ever more from him.Then he started looking at the websites he enjoyed the most—the ones about women in their most intimate situations: peeing, changing their tampons, pulling their panties up or down, exposing their engorged clits, fingering their vulvae, and even from the rear, as large turds emerged from their cute little bumholes."Maybe you'd like to tell me what's going on," she said."Uh....uh," Jack started to respond and he wondered mostly how on earth she had found out about his surfing.

"Jackie," Laura continued, "since you're behaving like such a naughty little boy, I'm going to make you ask me, and you will call me Mommy, whenever you want to use the toilet." Jack blanched when he saw that she had found one of those little wooden training toilets that small children learn how to do their business on.Laura was a pretty brunette of about average stature with nice 34B breasts that Jack loved to fondle and enjoy. "You've been visiting some rather strange sites on the net, darling," Laura said with a rather supercilious smile as Jack's face turned very pale suddenly.They sat down for dinner and Laura paused to say, "There's something I have to talk to you about, honey." Jack looked up, wondering which of his many misdeeds that he had carefully shrouded she had somehow obtained knowledge about. "I was a bit amazed to see that you seem to spend a lot of time watching pictures of women peeing and shitting and ...yes, changing their tampaxes," she said, and as she did, Jack realized that he was really in for it now.He knew enough not to do it at the office but what had Laura managed to do with their home computer to find out his naught secrets."I think you need to be punished, darling, for being so naughty," Laura said ever so sweetly, and Jack felt his penis start to harden in his pants at the thought that his pretty wife was about to give him the feminine discipline he so craved.

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